Corporate / Bulk Purchases

Uniformed Personnel

Warfighters, Law Enforcers & Lifesavers who form the crux of outstanding individuals that we serve.

We are GeBiz Registered! Only emails listed from official organizations will be recognized ( e.g,

Local Businesses

We have been honored to have formed many lifelong friendships & been mentored by the many outstanding trailblazers who we meet along the way. Thank you for being a part of our journey & growing together with us!

DM us via social media (Instagram / Facebook) through your organization's page & we'll get back to ya asap! 

Teams / Clubs

The ones who get it done / walk the talk. You can't put a price on loyalty. 

Check in with your leaders / coaches if you intend on getting merchandise from us, they'll have some sweet deals waiting for you!

SQUAD (Personal purchases 3 Sets or More)

Just got into the suck with your buddies? Drop us an email / DM if you're hitting up for your squad. Discounts start from 10% onwards. Terms & Conditions Apply.


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