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FORT Plate Carrier

FORT Plate Carrier

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All Purpose Plate Carrier. Tough. Durable. Reliable. 


Sizing: Free sizing from Regular to Large.

Panel Length: 37CM

Pairing Options  Total Weight
Standalone Plate Carrier 1.7KG
+ 2 x 2.6KG "The Fear" 6.9KG
+ 2 x 4KG "The Pain" 9.7KG
+ 2 x 4KG Flat Plates 9.7KG
+ 2 x 6KG "The End" 13.7KG
+ 2 x 8KG "The Fury" 17.7KG


Max Plates Per Side* : 3 x 4KG Plates
*Thickness for 2x4KG Plate = 1x8KG Plate. 

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