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2 X 8 KG "The Fury" (16 KG Set)

2 X 8 KG "The Fury" (16 KG Set)

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Curved Version of the plates to contour to your body better.

Dimensions : 25 x 31 x 1.6 CM (W x L x D)

Standard SAPI M sizing. Fits most plate carriers that are meant to take ballistic plates including the SAF iLBV & NFM THOR Plate Carrier.

Do Give Some Allowance of +/- 100 Grams for the exact weight.

*Plates ONLY. Vest is for illustrative purposes & not included. 

Sold as a pair only.

"I know that SEALs [have] this connotation of being very aggressive and hardcore, and in a lot of ways, that's correct, but I'd like to make this point clear: 99% of Navy SEALs are the most quiet, humble, professional warriors that exercise very controlled aggression." - Lt Jonny Kim, Navy SEAL, Doctor, Astronaut

A lack of aggression gets you killed easily, while an over reliance on rage makes you easily manipulated.

Make no mistake, in the course of pursuing excellence, you will be humbled way more times than you can imagine. No matter how much of a badass you think you are, there is always someone faster, stronger & smarter than you. Be humble or be humbled. Harness that inner fury & learn to control it.

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