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2 x 4KG Flat Vest Plates (8KG Set)

2 x 4KG Flat Vest Plates (8KG Set)

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Q: Why is it Compatible with the FORT / Alpha Plate Carrier Only?

A: The FORT & Alpha Plate Carriers have the larger plate pockets. When paired with other plate carriers, it fits in tightly & might "stretch" the fabric, decreasing the lifespan over time especially when bumped around.

Q: Can the Flat Plates be paired with the Curved Plates?

A: No. A combination of the both creates an awkward structure of plates within the vest itself.

Q: Can this fit other Plate Carriers out there in the market?

A: We've only tested it on Plate Carriers in our inventory & can't promise for anything else. We recommend cutting out a piece of cardboard based on the above dimensions to get a better sensing of the fit.

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