Which Plate Carrier Should I Choose?

Part of Being Cool, Is Looking Cool 😎 So you've chosen the path of joining the cool guys club, but unsure which Plate Carrier is for you?

Help us out by dropping reply to your answers below to the following questions & we'll make a detailed recommendation asap!

Alternatively you can Copy & Paste the below questions with your replies to the "Chat With Us" pop-up located on the bottom right corner. We'll be able to respond faster from there.

Reply to each question as a separately as there's a character limit for each message! πŸ˜…

1) Any Particular Plate Carrier you're currently eyeing? 😏 (If you can narrow this down to 2-3 Models, It makes it alot easier for us!)

2) What exercise are you planning to do with the Plate Carrier? (Calisthenics? Runs? Rucking? CrossFit?)

3) What weights are you considering to pair it with? (And also any plans to increase it within the next year?)

4) Will you be planning to add on any attachments such as pouches? (If so, any idea how many?)

5) Any other Special Considerations you'd like us to take note of? (E.g Sizing concerns?)

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